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honeyelle's writing resource and research journal

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This place is for honeyelle's sole purpose alone. She doesn't mind if others watch the community as it may be helpful to writers of fantasy or sci-fi as a whole. This place is honeyelle's research and resource journal for writing. Things she needs to know about a place, a time, a material, it could be found here. What is this place?
I'm honeyelle, aka Elle. I'm a writer. I like travel. I like editing. But, most of all, I like to plan and I like to research. I have blue eyes and honey hair. I love my creative family and livejournal. I like take snippets of life with me so my kids can know me and not have questions after I'm gone. Who are you?
Originally, I wanted this place to be "scrapbooking"; however, to get the name it would need a rename token and I just didn't see the point of spending money on this place (right now). Plus, Balloon Clouds makes more sense once I thought about it. Basically, I thought of the guys that sell balloons at fairs and how the bunch of them look like a cloud. But, up close, they're all individual. And even if you take one, the cloud is still there. I have huge overbearing themes in this journal, including, but not limited to, mythology, fantasy beasts, ancient civilisations, gods, supernatural powers. These themes are clouds. But inside the cloud there are many sub-sections. Take supernatural powers; inside that cloud you have the balloons of telekinsis, flight, time-travel, etc. This is my place of balloon clouds. Why Balloon Clouds?
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